Wands Away

Representations of Feminism at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry an essay What is a feminist novel for adolescents?  According to Roberta Seelinger Trites, it is defined simply as “a novel in which the main character[s] is empowered regardless of gender” (Trites 4).  In the last decade, the Harry Potter book series has become an … Continue reading Wands Away

Róisín: A Fairy Tale

At night, he dreams of her.  Even after centuries have passed, he can still see her when he closes his eyes: her face white with shock; her graceful fingers reaching for her prince, begging safety… life… love… before being lost, forever frozen beneath the crystal ice, her own glass coffin.

Who Knew: A Short Story

**Dear family, please know that this is a work of fiction built from fragmented memories of a horrible time in all of our lives, pieced together with shiny memories of happier times by admittedly grabby hands and a desperate wish for answers. If you must read, please do so with a grain of salt and without seeking reflections … Continue reading Who Knew: A Short Story

[Don’t] Make Me Say Goodbye

a short story The whispered words echoed in the trembling space as my whole being fought against itself to cling to the complete perfection of the fading world around me.  The damp summer night air crackled and sharpened, clashing with the bitter cold of the past, the future.  It belonged here, I belonged here, and … Continue reading [Don’t] Make Me Say Goodbye