Jessica Kapp’s debut BODY PARTS, in which an orphaned teen next in line for adoption learns she’s been raised for parts by her elite foster center, and must take down the organ-harvesting pharmaceutical empire before her friends are next to go under the knife, to Eliza Kirby at Diversion Books (World). Nominated for 2017 RT Reviewers’ Choice for Young Adult Paranormal/SF!

Madeline Reynolds’s OF LOVE AND ILLUSIONS, pitched as The Prestige meets The Night Circus, in which two young stage magicians’ apprentices — one boy desperate to become an illusionist, the other possessing real magic — fall in love in Victorian London, told through journal entries, posters, letters, and other found documents, to Stephen Morgan at Entangled Teen, in a nice deal, for publication in 2018 (World).

Madeline Reynolds’s THE TIME TRAVELER’S GUIDE TO MODERN ROMANCE, in which a Victorian-era boy who travels to the future must choose between the freedom to be with the modern-era boy who captures his heart and the fate of his family in the past, to Stephen Morgan at Entangled Teen, for publication in 2018 (World).